The Fourth International Forum on
Transportation of CO2 by Pipeline

CO2 Pipelines Short Course 17-18 June
Conference 19-20 June
Newcastle, UK


Following on from the success of the previous conferences in 2010, 2011, and 2012, Tiratsoo Technical and Clarion are pleased to have the opportunity to join with the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in offering this fourth Forum on CO2 transport by pipeline. The subject of CO2 transportation by pipeline is of widespread and increasing importance as many governments and communities world-wide come to terms with the issues of carbon capture and storage for the mitigation of climate change: the transportation aspect is often looked upon as the ‘missing link’ in a concept that is already being widely embraced.  This international forum on 19 and 20 June will come at the issues from a number of viewpoints: technical, regulatory, practical, and social.

The Forum is preceded, on 17-18 June, by an important two-day training course presented by Brian Rothwell and Dr Kamal K. Botros.

For a detailed background brief on CO2 transportation, please click here.











Organized by:

Clarion Technical Conferences

Tiratsoo Technical

Supported by: Newcastle University    
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