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 Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Pipelines

Training courses: October 18-19
Conference: October 20-21
Exhibition: October 20-21


This NEW international conference and its accompanying exhibition will cover a wide range of issues concerning pipeline rehabilitation, ranging from the initial stages of evaluation of a pipeline's condition to the steps required to undertake rehabilitation of the structure to ensure its continued fitness-for-purpose and prolong its economic lifetime. The event is being planned not only to discuss the latest developments in the industry, but also to showcase some of the industry's latest achievements, and to provide an unmatched opportunity of both networking and learning.


The conference program will be of relevance to all involved in the operation and lifetime planning of pipelines transporting all types of hazardous hydrocarbons both on- and offshore - in particular oil and gas - as well as to those involved in their regulation and safety.

Organizing Committee

  • Dr Michael Beller, NDT Systems & Services, Stutensee, Germany
  • BJ Lowe, Clarion Technical Conferences, Houston, USA
  • Sid Taylor, Incal Pipeline Rehabilitation, Houston, Moscow, and Paris
  • John Tiratsoo, Tiratsoo Technical

Training Courses

To request more information about attending the event, presenting a paper or exhibiting, please click here.


Call for Papers
Call for Papers

Organized by:  
Clarion Technical Conferences Tiratsoo Technical
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Journal of Pipeline Engineering
Pipelines International PRCI

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The Journal of Pipeline Engineering
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