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A five-day training course covering the
practical aspects of pigging in onshore pipelines.

Practical Pigging Operations Training Course

This training course provides a wide-ranging overview of all aspects of pigging operations for onshore pipelines.


The site is A Hak Industrial Services’ test loop facility in Tricht, The Netherlands, on May 27-31, 2013. The facility has approx. 200-m long, 4-in, 6-in, 12-in, water-driven pipelines, and a second 100-m long, 24-in, line under construction. During the five days, the participants will participate in up to nine different runs of various tools provided by A.Hak Industrial Services and PSI from Germany, among other suppliers. A TD Williamson MFL tool will also be available for delegates’ inspection and discussion.


The syllabus includes both hands-on exercises using the test loop(s), as well as classroom instruction, and full documentation. The content of the course has been developed jointly by Penspen, Clarion, and Tiratsoo Technical, A Division of Great Southern Press.  A. Hak, through its Tricht office, has agreed to provide cleaning, geometry, and intelligent tools for use during the course, along with its expert technicians. Among subjects that the syllabus will cover are:

  • Pig trap doors: design, operation
  • Types of utility tool
  • Types of intelligent tool
  • Launch/receive trap design
  • Launching and receiving utility and intelligent tools
  • How to assess a tool’s performance
  • Signaling and pig location
  • Locating and reporting sample defects
  • Site safety: procedures and performance

Who should attend

Engineers and technical personnel involved inthe field of onshore.

Course Notes

The classroom portions of the course will be fully documented with all slides and related documents printed and bound as a hard copy for reference during and after the course.