Deepwater Riser Engineering Course

April 22-26, 2013
Houston, Texas

The course will provide a complete and up-to-date technical overview of deepwater riser engineering, from concept selection for field development, to preliminary design, detailed analysis and design, material selection and welding, fabrication, installation, inspection, and maintenance. It will provide a complete picture of deepwater riser engineering using actual examples from deepwater development projects around the world. Read about the course program...

Course Scope

  • Drilling and production risers
  • Overview of marine risers focusing on deepwater application from material selection to offshore installation.
  • Detailed lectures on design and analysis methods with particular attention to Top Tensioned Risers (TTR) and Steel Centenary Risers (SCR)
  • Review and comparison of riser design codes and industrial standards
  • Field applications discussed throughout lectures

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

On satisfactorily completing the course, participants will be eligible to receive 3 CEUs.

Course Documentation

Participants receive a sturdy ring binder containing all the lecture slides with notes and illustrations supporting the lectures and providing an invaluable reference source after the course.


Who should attend

Engineers from oil companies, engineering service companies, construction companies, pipe and service suppliers and regulatory authorities, who are newly qualified, have recently moved into riser engineering or hold broad responsibilities that include risers.

The course is especially suitable to those who wish to broaden their knowledge of deepwater riser engineering or deepen their technical understanding of specific riser types.

In particular:

  • Newly qualified riser engineers (designers and analysts)
  • Experienced riser project engineers who want to expand their knowledge
  • Sub-project managers (of subsea contractors including risers)
  • Subsea supervisors / managers
  • M. Sc. students in offshore engineering

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