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Managing Pipeline Threats
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Pipeline Transportation of Carbon Dioxide Containing Impurities


Category: Pipeline & Offshore
Author: Mo Mohitpour, Patricia Seevam, Kamal, K Botros, Brian Rothwell, Claire Ennis
Price:  $159.00
ISBN: 978-0-7981-5983-4

Pipeline systems are expected to play an increasingly important role in transporting carbon dioxide (CO2) from effluent flue stacks to distant fields for storage purposes and sequestration operations or for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). The phase diagram for CO2 stream is very sensitive to the level of impurities, and this in turn affects pipeline design and the boundaries within which a CO2 pipeline can be operated, without affecting the facilities design or delivery conditions.

This book brings together the entire spectrum of design and operating needs for a pipeline and network of facilities that would transport carbon dioxide containing impurities safely, without adverse impact on people and the environment.

  1. Overview and Challenges of CO2 Transportation
  2. Carbon Capture, Transport and Storage A Background
  3. Anthropogenic CO2 Properties
  4. Overview of EOS Applicable to CO2 With Impurities
  5. Pipeline Transportation of CO2
  6. Characteristics of Decompression Wave Speed in CO2 Containing Impurities
  7. Pipe Material Selection and Fracture Control
  8. CO2 Pipeline System Development and Design
  9. Pumping, Compression and Other Appurtenances
  10. CO2 Pipeline Operation and Maintenance
  11. Risk Assessment and Integrity Management
  12. Atmospheric Dispersion of CO2 Containing Impurities
  13. Health and Safety and Emergency Response



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