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Managing Pipeline Threats
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Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Technology, Fourth Edition E-book (Adobe Acrobat)


Category: Pipeline & Offshore
Author: Tiratsoo, John
Price:  $195.00
ISBN: ISBN 978-0-9717945-0-4

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Since publication of the first edition of Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Technology 25 years ago, there have been massive advances the pigging and inspection industry: superb high-technology solutions have been developed, using some of the most advanced and reliable technology paralleling the aerospace industry, and feature assessments down to millimetric sizes are almost the norm. Inspection data interpretation has also developed to the stage where it's no longer a black art: survey results can be examined and analysed on a client's own PC or laptop, the thought of which was almost unheard of only a decade ago. But still some basic questions remain unanswered, probably the most basic of all being -how clean is my pipeline?- and -how best to design a pig launcher and receiver?

This book, as with previous editions, provides an overview of some of the latest thinking and achievements in the area of pigging technology and integrity management. Its content is 41 papers from the series of conferences entitled Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Management (now known as PPIM) that the publishers have organized in Houston and elsewhere between 2007 and 2012, chosen to represent a wide range of issues concerning the pipeline industry and maintenance of its integrity. Printed in full color throughout.

E-book is available for Windows-based computers. It is not available for iPad.

February 2013
530 pages, more than 450 illustrations and tables, references, index. For Windows-based computers. Not available for iPa


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