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Pipeline Design and Construction, Third Edition


Category: Pipeline & Offshore
Author: M. Mohitpour, H. Golshan, A. Murray
Price:  $179.00
ISBN: ISBN 0-79180-257-4

The third edition of this highly successful volume is fully updated and includes new information on buoyancy control, trenchless crossing methods, as well as on compressor fuel calculations and optimization, hydrotesting and LPG Pipelining. This book offers straightforward, practical techniques for pipeline design and construction, making it an ideal professional reference, training tool, or comprehensive text. The authors present the various elements that make up a single-phase liquid and gas pipeline system, including how to design, construct, commission, and assess pipelines and related facilities. They discuss gas and liquid transmission, compression, pumps, protection and integrity, procurement services, and the management of pipeline projects. More complex specialty fluids are also covered, including CO2, H2, slurry and multi-products.

May 2007
752 pages, drawings, photos, diagrams and tables., 7"x10" hardcover


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