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Pipeline Pigging Handbook, Third Edition


Category: Pipeline & Offshore
Author: Cordell
Price:  $115.20
ISBN: ISBN 978-0-9717945-3-5

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The Pigging Handbook represents the accumulated knowledge and experience of the authors, which spans a period of more than 30 years in the industry. This third edition contains the very latest information about the rapidly changing products and services now available. It is a unique source of reference. The Pigging Handbook is a day-to-day working tool, ideal for pipeline operators, designers, contractors, inspection and maintenance engineers. Pigging manufacturing and service companies will find it especially useful. The contents are arranged in a logical order for quick, easy reference. It covers pigging in water, refined products, gas, and crude oil pipelines as well as in-plant piping systems. The book contains numerous drawings, diagrams, photographs and tables, along with ready-to-use forms and procedures.

Contents: CONVENTIONAL PIGGING--Why Pig a Pipeline? Pigging During Pipeline Construction. Acceptance Testing. Pre-Commissioning. Commissioning. Base Line Surveys. Operational pigging. In-Line Inspection. Pipeline Design for Pigging--Pipeline Dimensions. Pipeline Materials. Bends. Offtakes. Wye Junctions. Diverters. Valves. Relative Position of Features. Flexibles. Bundles. Operating Conditions. Pig Stations--Basic Configuration. Launching. Trap Design and Dimensions. Receiving Trap Design and Dimensions. Pig Trap Closures. Pipework Layout and Connections. Automatic Pig Launching and Receiving. Pig Handling. Offshore-Topsides. Offshore-Subsea. Utility Pigs--Descriptions. Pig Design. Pig Selection. Pig Maintenance and Storage. Pigs for Maintenance and Repair--Magnetic (Ferrous Debris) Pigs. Plugging or Isolation Pigs. Hyperbaric Spheres. High DP and Secondary Barrier Pigs. Soluble Pigs. Other Specialize Pigs. Gel Pigs and Pigging--Fluid Gels. Pre-Cast Gel Pigs. INLINE INSPECTION--Metal Loss. Geometry. Crack Detection. Profile Monitoring and Mapping. Leak Detection and Location. Bend Measurement. Photographic and Video Inspection. Line Cover and Spanning. Miscellaneous ILl Tools. Survey Selection and Preparation. Pig Signaling, Location and Tracking--Pig Signalers. Pig Location and Tracking. Operating Procedures--Pre-Run Checks. Pig Launching and Receiving. Pigging through a Pump Station. Industrial Pigging Systems--Basic System Design. Pig Design. Valves and Fittings. Pipework. Cleaning and Commissioning. Ancillary Products and Services--Tethered Tools. In situ Internal Coating. Scale Removal. Chemical Cleaning. Drag Reducing Agents. Geographical Information Systems. Fitness for Purpose Assessment. Decommissioning. Appendices--Pig Maintenance Records. Pig Log Sheets and Run Records. Terminology. Descriptions of Pipeline Imperfections. Pigging Test Loops-Worldwide.

282 pages, illustrated with drawings, photos, diagrams and tables. 8-1/2" x 11" paperback


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