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Subsea Pipelines and Risers


Category: Pipeline & Offshore
Author: Bai
Price:  $340.00
ISBN: 978-0-08-044566-3

This book summarizes the author's 23 years research and engineering experience at engineering companies, universities, classification societies and design offices. It is an extension of the author's previous book, Pipelines & Risers.


Chapters on Risers have been greatly expanded to cover new developments in analysis, design, testing, inspection and monitoring. New chapters on Flow Assurance have been added, addressing subsea system engineering, hydraulics, heat transfer and thermal insulation, hydrate, wax, and asphaltines, and corrosion prevention.


The book is suitable as a both a textbook for graduate students and a reference for practicing engineers, as it includes design guidelines for engineers and references for researchers. It may also be used in the design of offshore structures, as it details applied mechanics and design/engineering. The book was originally produced in response to developments in research and engineering and the publication of new design codes. Subsea Pipelines and Risers fills a significant gap in training of pipeline engineers and provides materials for on-job training in the use of new design codes and guides.

Contents: Introduction. Wall-thickness and Material Grade Selection. Buckling/Collapse of Deepwater Metallic Pipes. Limit-state Based Strength Design. Soil and Pipe Interaction. Hydrodynamics Around Pipes. Finite Element Analysis of In-situ Behavior. On-bottom Stability. Vortex-induced Vibrations (VIV) and Fatigue. Force Model and Wave Fatigue. Trawl Impact, Pullover and Hooking Loads. Pipe-in-Pipe and Bundle Systems. Seismic Design. Corrosion Prevention. Design Examples. Subsea Systems Engineering. Hydraulics. Heat Transfer and Thermal Insulation. Hydrates. Wax and Asphaltines. Design of Deepwater Risers. Design Codes and Criteria for Risers and Subsea Systems. Fatigue of Risers. Piping Systems. LCC Modeling as a Decision Making Tool in Pipeline Design. Design Examples. VIV and Wave Fatigue of Risers. SCRs. TTRs. Steel Umbilical and Control Systems. Flexible Risers and Flowlines. Hybrid Risers. Drilling Risers. Integrity Management of Flexibles and Umbilicals. Use of High Strength Steel. Welding and Defect Assessment. Installation Design. Route Optimization. Pipeline Inspection, Maintenance and Repair. Reliability-Based Strength Design of Pipelines. Remaining Strength of Corroded Pipes. Residual Strength of Dented Pipes with Cracks. Integrity Management of Subsea Systems. LCC Modeling.

Yong BAI works on structural analysis and design with a focus on pipelines, risers and floating systems. Yong had been leading several Asgard Transport pipeline and flowline projects at JP Kenny Norway office as its Manager of Advanced Engineering Dept. Previously Yong had been a lead riser engineer at Shell EP Projects, and led offshore rules development at the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) as its Manager of the Offshore Technology Dept. While a professor, he wrote books entitled "Subsea Pipelines and Risers" and "Marine Structural Design" and served as a course leader for IBC and Clarion courses on Design of Pipelines and Risers and Design of Floating Systems. Yong is President of Offshore Pipelines & Risers (OPR) Inc., a design/consulting firm in the field of pipelines, risers and floating systems. 

812 pages, references, subject index, illustrations, 6-1/2 x 9-1/2" hardcover


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