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Defect Assessment in Pipelines

“Great Course! Teacher Phil Hopkins very patient and knowledgeable-explained difficult concepts very well.”

“ appreciated the instructor's ability to answer technical, metallurgical's critical that the person teaching the course is able to do this, to expand on the concepts discussed beyond the information presented in the slides. Phil did a great job of this.”

“Surpassed my best expectations”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the content and the presentation. Hats off to Prof. Hopkins”
A. Ellison
Pipeline Integrity Coordinator
Centurion Pipeline L.P.

“Excellent class, good blend of teaching and student participation”
M. Odigie
Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited

“Can't wait to take another class from Dr. Phil Hopkins.”
Cameron Nuss, System Engineer, Suncor Energy

“I've taken previous classes from Dr. Hopkins and fully enjoyed his presentations. I specifically look for classes from him.
Cameron Nuss, System Engineer, Suncor Energy

“Very knowledgeable lecturer. Excellent delivery of the material.
Tijani Elabor, National Energy Board

I enjoyed this training course a lot. I think that Dr. Phil Hopkins is a great teacher and delivered a great course.
Felipe Radilla, TransCanada

This is an excellent course which provides detailed information for assessment of a variety of defects. The instructor is very knowledgeable with great experience.
Zhenjin Zhu, Husky Energy

Phil is a very engaging speaker and very knowledgeable. I learned a lot and appreciate his approach to teaching with all the background info he provides.
Niteesha Falcon, Pipeline Integrity Engineer, TransCanada

Hydrostatic Testing of Pipelines

“Hands on. Real-world examples. Interactive. This course improved my understanding of the elements involved in the hydrostatic testing of pipelines.”
Ehren Koelsch

“Great presentation on several aspects of hydrotesting”¦ Covered real-life examples. Great explanations on the physics behind fluids.”
Vera Idemudia, Integrity Engineer, DowDupont

“Hugely informative and eye-opening for me. I believe that I can much more effectively manage a project like this and will be able to ask the right questions of contractors and consultants in order to maximize the quality of any tests we choose to conduct.”
Brendan Eirich, ATCO Gas Transmission

“Having attended a number of pipeline training courses, this is among the best. The course was extremely well put together and very well presented.”
Justin Pabst, Staff Engineer, WBI Energy Transmission

“Great course. Will recommend more of our project managers attend.”
Jeff Wuenschel, Project Manager/Estimator, BlueFin Services

Pipeline Integrity Management

Pleasant, interactive, sincere and extremely knowledgeable are all qualities that help make an instructor good. Dr. Murray was great.”
Travis Hallam

"The instructor was excellent. I like that he pushed us hard to maximize value.”
Olin Valby

Excellent course! So much of the material applies to what I do at work. Alan is good speaker, funny and very knowledgeable.”
Travers Schwarz

Great job! Very knowledgeable speaker ”¦ I thoroughly enjoyed the course.”
Joe Teneyuque, Enginering Tech., Golden Pass LNG

Excellent instructor and class. I enjoyed it immensely.”
David Vasnaik, SMUD

Excellent! The instructor kept things interesting throughout.”
Jeff Hieber, Vice President, Business Development, Percheron, LLC

Pipeline Repair Methods, Hot Tapping, and In-Service Welding

“Bill Bruce is an obvious expert on in-service welding. Confident delivery of presentation. I enjoyed learning from him.”
D. M. Halferty
Plains All American
Pipeline Integrity Specialist

“Great Course! Bill Bruce did an excellent job. I look forward to future courses”
P. Kenny
Welding Opeartions Lead
National Grid

“Found the information on Procedure Development & Qualification very useful for practical application”
C. Hartig
Sr. Specialty Engineer
Xcel High Pressure Gas

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