Following the success of the Forums in 2011, 2013, and 2015, our 2017 Unpiggable Pipelines Solutions Forumcontinues with the objective of addressing capabilities and guidance concerning tools for corrosion and mechanical damage inspection of 'unpiggable' oil, gas and hazardous liquids pipelines. The focus will be on the capabilities of existing technologies as well as those in research and development. Read more...

January 29 - February 1, 2018

The industry's only forum devoted exclusively to pigging for maintenance and inspection, as well as pipeline integrity evaluation and repair, this event will draw engineering management and field operating personnel from both transmission and distribution companies concerned with improved operations and integrity management. Read more...


POMME 2018


April 23-26, 2018

POMME 2018 will bring together experts from within and outside the region to discuss some of the latest technologies and concepts for maintaining and operating oil and gas pipelines in the most efficient, cost-effective, and professional manner, while taking account of the environmental and other concerns of the communities through which they pass. Read more...

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Turkey’s long road to becoming an oil and gas hub
Posted on Wednesday April 19, 2017

Managing Associate Ozan Karaduman and Associate Direnç Bada of Istanbul-based law firm Gün +...

Iran Pipeline Pigging Conference Call for papers
Posted on Wednesday April 19, 2017

Call for papers has opened for the 2nd Iran Pipeline Pigging Conference which will be held in...

Myanmar-China crude oil pipeline starts operations
Posted on Wednesday April 19, 2017

The 2,371-km long Myanmar-China crude oil pipeline has commenced operations with 140,000 tonne of...

ITF requests participants for new JIP on pipeline anchoring
Posted on Wednesday April 19, 2017

The Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF) has requested additional participants for a new joint...

Technical Productions and Transneft to produce new pipeline journal
Posted on Wednesday April 19, 2017

The Managing Director of Technical Productions (London) John Tiratsoo has signed an agreement...

Rosen introduces new pipeline cleaning service
Posted on Wednesday April 19, 2017

Rosen has introduced a new service to clean high-velocity gas pipelines.

The post

Global Petroleum Show opens registrations
Posted on Wednesday April 19, 2017

Registrations have opened for the Global Petroleum Show (GPS) which will take place on 13-15 June...

STATS Group hot taps a solution
Posted on Wednesday April 05, 2017

STATS Group recently completed a complex project for Takreer at Abu Dhabi International Airport,...

Clock Spring eyes release of new product
Posted on Wednesday April 05, 2017

Following a marketing revamp and the relaunch of its 25-year-old brand, Clock Spring has...

NDT Global and Enbridge advance pipeline-inspection technology
Posted on Wednesday April 05, 2017

NDT Global has entered into an agreement with Enbridge to advance the research and development of...


Inspection of Challenging Pipelines

Course will provide an in-depth introduction into the inspection of challenging pipelines.

Houston: June 12-13

Unpiggable Pipeline Solutions Forum 2017

Houston: June 14-15

Advanced Pipeline Risk Management

Workshop is designed to equip attendees with the information and the know-how to set up and implement a comprehensive risk management program for pipelines.

Houston: July 18-19

Calgary: December 6-7

Pipeline Integrity Management

Course provides a sound review of Pipeline Integrity Management strategies, in compliance with regulatory requirements, including self assessment. This course can be attended in person or online in Houston.

Houston: September 11-13

Calgary: December 5-7

Pipeline Regulations & Compliance

Reviews major compliance requirements of DOT regulations affecting the operation of gas and hazardous liquids pipelines.

Houston: September 12-13

Pipeline Defect Assessment Workshop

Participants will become comfortable performing and reviewing a wide variety of anomaly assessment methodologies and will understand when to best apply them within an Integrity Management Program.

Houston: September 13-14

Hydrostatic Testing of Pipelines

Course will cover a wide range of topics related to hydrostatic testing of pipelines for gas and hazardous liquid service for both in-service and new construction according to CFR 49 Parts 192 and 195. This course can be attended in person or online in Houston.

Houston: September 14-15

Calgary: December 5-6

Defect Assessment in Pipelines

Explains current defect-assessment methods and how to translate into maintenance decisions. This course can be attended in person or online in Houston.

Houston: September 25-27

Managing Cracks and Seam Weld Anomalies on Pipelines

Course will provide an integrated, data-driven approach for addressing these forms of cracking and seam-weld anomalies. This course can be attended in person or online in Houston.

Houston: September 28-29

Calgary: December 6-7

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Field Guide to Internal Corrosion Mitigation and Monitoring for Pipelines

This book is intended to help oil and gas pipeline operators, corrosion professionals, integrity experts and risk management practitioners assess, control, and manage the effects of internal corrosion on pipeline systems, thus improving the safety, reliability and integrity of their operations. Read more...

Pipeline Integrity Management Systems: A Practical Approach

The contents of this book follow the PIMS process having each applicable chapter use a PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT (PDCA) process, multiple examples from authors’ experiences, and several graphs and tables. Read more...

An Introduction to Pipeline Pigging, 12th Edition

An Introduction to Pipeline Pigging, 12th Edition Here is a straightforward description and explanation of pipeline pigs and their capabilities. Read more...

NACE Corrosion Engineer's Reference Book
NACE Corrosion Engineer's Reference Book, 4th Edition

The objective of the NACE Corrosion Engineer’s Reference Book is to provide scientists, engineers, technologists, and students with useful and important information and data on corrosion investigation and control. The book is designed to be carried with the user so that the contents are readily available.  Print Book

Introduction to Petroleum Exploration and Engineering

This book is an introduction to oil and gas designed to be both accessible to absolute beginners who know nothing about the subject, and at the same time interesting to people who work in one area. Read more...

Oil and Gas Pipelines: Integrity and Safety Handbook
This new book presents a comprehensive and detailed reference guide on the integrity and safety of oil and gas pipelines, both onshore and offshore. Read more...

Pipeline Risk Assessment: The Definitive Approach and Its Role in Risk Management
Pipeline Risk Assessment: The Definitive Approach and Its Role in Risk Management
Presents the definitive approach to assessing risks from pipelines—an approach that overcomes the limitations of previous methodologies. Read more...

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