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Navigating PHMSA’S Mega Rule on
Evaluating Cracks and Long Seam Weld Anomalies in Pipelines
Led by Sergio Limón and Dr. Ted Anderson
October 14-15, 2020 | Online

Day 1:  9am-1:30pm CDT
Day 2:  9am-1:30pm CDT

Course Syllabus

Subject to change without notice

Day 1

1. Characteristics and behavior of cracks and long seam weld defects (Limón)

    • Discuss how crack cracks and long seam weld defects form in pipelines and their key characteristics

2.  Effect of flaws on pipeline integrity (Anderson)

    • Blunt notches versus sharp cracks
    • Flow stress and toughness
    • Brittle and ductile behavior in steels
    • Relationship of failure stress to fracture toughness
    • Charpy testing versus fracture toughness testing

3. Fracture mechanics – Part 1 (Anderson)

    • Fracture mechanics overview
    • The stress intensity factor, K, and its applicability to pipeline crack evaluations.
    • Linear elastic versus elastic-plastic fracture mechanics

4. Fracture mechanics – Part 2 (Anderson)

    • The J and CTOD parameters and their applicability to pipeline crack evaluations.
    • Fracture toughness testing
    • Fracture instability analysis
    • Correlations between fracture toughness and Charpy energy


Day 2

5. Fracture Models and the Mega Rule (Anderson)                          

    • Review of PRCI MAT-8, API 579/ASME FFS-1, Newman-Raju, CorLAS and Modified Log-Secant and their applicability to brittle and ductile failure of pipelines with cracks.
    • Complying with the Mega Rule.

6. Evaluating cyclic pressures and establishing their severity (Limón)

    • Simplifying variable amplitude cyclic pressures
    • Rainflow cycle counting
    • Assessing cyclic pressure data severity using cyclic indexing

7. Performing fatigue analysis (Limón)

    • Fatigue crack growth analysis of cracks and long seam weld defect
    • Fatigue life analysis of dents and dent with gouges

8. Integrity assessments: ILI and Pressure Test (Limón)

    • Factors to consider when deciding on assessment methods
    • Responding to ILI assessments
    • Repairing crack, long seam weld defects and dents


Course schedule

Each session is approximately 60 minutes, including 15 minutes for Q&A

Day 1

1 Characteristics and Behavior of Cracks and Long Seam Weld Defects (Limón)
2 Effect of Flaws on Pipeline Integrity (Anderson)
  30-minute break around 11:00
3 Fracture Mechanics – Part 1 (Anderson)
4 Fracture Mechanics – Part 2 (Anderson)
1:30  End of day 1

Day 2

5 Fracture Models and the Mega Rule (Anderson) 
6 Evaluating Cyclic Pressures and Establishing Their Severity (Limón)
  30-minute break around 11:00
7 Performing Fatigue Analysis (Limón)
8 Integrity Assessments: ILI and Pressure Test (Limón)
  Q&A and wrap-up
1:30 End of course


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Clarion Technical Conferences