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Navigating PHMSA’S Mega Rule on
Evaluating Cracks and Long Seam Weld Anomalies in Pipelines
Led by Sergio Limón and Dr. Ted Anderson
April 12-13, 2023 | Online

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Day 1:  9am-1:30pm CDT
Day 2:  9am-1:30pm CDT


New PHMSA regulations effective July 1, 2020 require that pipeline operators evaluate the failure pressure capacity of pipelines with cracks and long seam weld defects and perform fatigue crack growth analysis using Fracture Mechanics methods (§192.917 and §192.712).

Furthermore, regulations specify actions to take when there are no documented pipeline material fracture toughness data to use in the engineering analyses and new requirements for the explicit consideration of In-Line Inspection uncertainties in the assessment for cracks and long seam weld integrity (§195.416 and §195.452)

What you will learn

The course will present key material properties and engineering fracture mechanics principles that govern static and fatigue evaluations of planar flaws in pipelines and how to relate these principles to the new PHMSA requirements.


  • How cracks and long seam weld defects form in pipelines and what can make them grow to failure
  • Fracture toughness testing and its implications to engineering evaluations of planar flaws
  • Linear-elastic and elastic-plastic fracture mechanics principles
  • Use of failure stress models and fatigue crack growth evaluations
  • ILI and pressure testing assessment methods and how to respond to crack and seam weld integrity ILI assessments

Course structure and delivery

The course consists of:

  • Pre-recorded topical lectures comprising a total of 8 hours over two days (4 hours a day).
  • The delivery platform will be GoToWebinar.
  • The instructors will be online with you during the Lecture sessions.
  • Live Question & Answer sessions with the instructors that will follow each lecture. 15 minutes per session, with a 30-minute summary Q&A at the end of the course.
  • You will be able to submit your questions to the instructors via live Chat during the lecture sessions, and they will address them in the Q&A session that follows.
  • Access to a recording of the course afterward.

Course documentation

The complete course presentation material will be available as a PDF download prior to the course.

Recording available after the course

You can access the entire webinar-course recording online for 14 days following the webinar sessions.

Continuing Education Units

Upon completion of the course, participants will be eligible to receive .8 Continuing Education Units.

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