Integrity and Repurposing of Hydrogen Pipelines
Led by Neil Gallon
May 24-25, 2023 | Online

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Day 1
  9am-1:30pm CDT  Course
Day 2
  9am-1:30pm CDT  Course


Course Syllabus

Day 1

Role of hydrogen in the energy transition:

  • History of hydrogen
  • Properties of hydrogen
  • Production of hydrogen (different colors)
  • Hydrogen demand and use
  • Requirement for hydrogen pipelines

Differences between hydrogen and natural gas pipelines:

  • Code requirements (ASME B31.12, AIGA / EIGA Guidelines, TD1 Supplement, DVGW G409 etc.)
  • Operational requirements (pressure, flow rates etc.)
  • Risk consequences (hazardous radius, likelihood of explosion etc.) 

Conversion of existing natural gas pipelines to hydrogen:

  • Code guidance
  • Operational requirements
  • Repurposing methodology

Day 2

Effects of hydrogen on pipeline materials:

  • Theory of hydrogen embrittlement
  • Possibility of cracking (HIC)
  • Effects on strength, ductility, fracture toughness, fatigue
  • Implications for welds (seam and girth)
  • Testing requirements / protocols

Defect assessment:

  • Common defect types (crack-like defects, corrosion, dents, dent-gouges etc.)
  • Data requirements to assess defects
  • Assessment techniques (BS 7910, API 579 etc.) and hydrogen knock-down factors

Integrity management of hydrogen pipelines:

  • Requirements for an Integrity Management System for a hydrogen pipeline
  • Comparison to IMS for a Natural Gas Pipeline


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