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Managing Geohazards for Pipeline Integrity
Led by Rhett Dotson and Alex McKenzie-Johnson
August 30-31, 2023 | Online

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Day 1
  9am-1:30pm CDT  Course
Day 2
  9am-1:30pm CDT  Course


Class Outline






Geohazard Basics (1 hour)

This class will cover the basics of geohazards. What are the different types of geohazards and how are they characterized? How are these geohazards relevant to pipelines?


The Pipeline Threat (1 hour)

How do geohazards cause pipelines failures? How are tensile and compressive strains different?


Threat Identification, Methods & Integration
(3 hours broken into 1-hour increments)

How do we identify areas prone to geohazards, and why does an integrated approach using LiDAR, IMU, pre-existing mapping, and GIS produces optimal results?
How do you read and use bending strain reports?
How do you use LiDAR data?


Framework – Threat Management
(2 hours)

Threat Management – how do we prioritize geohazard features?
What options are available for mitigation and monitoring?
What are the respective pros and cons of various approaches? What are the items that need to be considered to avoid making the problem worse?


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